Wharton Representatives


Sravya alla 

communications director

Sravya Alla is a sophomore in the Wharton School studying Finance, Business Analytics, and Computer Science. She is from the Philly suburbs (about 40 min from Penn), and she is super passionate about streamlining the connection between information and students and transforming technology. In addition to the UA, Sravya is involved with Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship, Penn Masti dance team, the International Affairs Association, and PennSem Consulting. Sravya prioritizes three things in her work with the UA: access, access, and access (did she mention access?). Feel free to reach out to Sravya at  sravya@wharton.upenn.edu to chat about the UA, the “buzzwords” of AI and Machine Learning, flavors of boba tea, and more! 


John casey 

Associate member

John Casey is a sophomore in the Wharton School studying economics and public policy. The son of a US Army officer, John has lived around the world, attending high school in Germany, middle school in Italy, and elementary school in Korea. Coming to Penn, he wanted to address the club recruitment process and is working to create an online club review for students. He is also writes about international affairs for the Penn Political Review and the Penn Public Policy Initiative and serves on the University Council's Committee on Free and Open Expression. When he's not studying, John loves to run, swim, and watch The Office. Reach out to him at jocasey@wharton.upenn.edu.


maria curry

diNING, HOUSING, AND TRANSIT Committee Director

Maria Curry is a Junior in the Huntsman Program in Business and International Relations, and she plans to Concentrate in Finance and Minor in Spanish. She is originally from Peachtree City, Georgia, a suburb outside of Atlanta, and is excited to continue for her third year on the UA as Director of the Dining, Housing, and Transit Committee and as Wharton Chair. In addition to Student Government, Maria enjoys participating in Wharton Cohorts, Black Wharton Undergraduate Association, and other community service opportunities on campus. In her spare time, Maria enjoys attending professional sporting events and popular concerts in the city. Please feel free to reach out to her in person on campus or through email at dht@pennua.org.



Academic Initiatives Committee Director

Max Grove is a junior in The Wharton School concentrating in Finance and Information Systems with a minor in Spanish. He serves as the Academic Initiatives Committee Director for the Undergraduate Assembly. Max has served as Speaker Pro Tempore and on the Budget Committee in previous years. Outside of student government, he is the vice-president of ACTION and active in the Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity. In his free time, Max enjoys meeting new people, traveling all around Philadelphia, and skiing. Reach out to Max at ai@pennua.org.