Associate Membership

Associate Members (AMs) are an important part of the UA community. These members participate in one or more committees and work with members to lobby administrators. While they cannot vote, associate members are integral to the success of the UA. They follow their passions to make tangible change. If you have any questions regarding the associate member process, please contact

 If you are a leader of a UA Steering group and would like to send a member to work on a specific project as an AM, please contact UA Speaker Michael Krone at as soon as possible.

The UA Is not accepting applications for Associate membership at this time. PLease check back in Fall 2018 for Application information.

List of Associate Members

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Ammar Bawa

Ammar Bawa is a sophomore concentrating in Mechanisms of Disease in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. He is also interested in Healthcare Management and Philosophy/Ethics. On the UA, Ammar serves on the Academic Initiatives Committee. He is passionate about making educational services and opportunities at Penn more accessible and prominent in the Penn Community. Ammar started the intermediate tutoring project and is currently working on school-specific pre-med guides. Born and raised in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, Ammar enjoys the occasional knee-slappin, lip-smakin, evening BBQ and Blue Bell Cookie Two-Step. When not on his grind at Pottruck or VP, he's probably exploring Philadelphia with friends, running along the Schuylkill, or playing basketball. Feel free to reach out to him at


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Simon Chen

Simon Chen is a freshman in the College planning to study Biological Basis of Behavior and hails from Allentown, PA. As a member of the Academic Initiatives Committee, he has worked on improving student conditions at Penn through an academic lens, including dual degrees, course limits, and more. Simon is also involved with the the College Dean's Advisory Board (DAB), Marketing Undergraduate Student Establishment (MUSE), and Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC). He loves to meet new people and in his free time enjoys playing piano, judo, and watching Gordon Ramsay. He's always eager to have a conversation, so please don’t hesitate to reach him at!


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Jennifer Richards

Jennifer is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences from San Diego, California. While her major is not yet decided, she enjoys studying Communication, Psychology and PPE. As a member of the Academic Initiatives Committee, Jennifer has worked on improving the peer advising program, course absence policies and course registration. Outside of the Undergraduate Assembly, Jennifer is a member of Women’s Varsity Tennis, the events coordinator for Penn Wellness, a tour guide for Kite and Key and a member of Alpha Phi Sorority. In her free time, she enjoys exploring restaurants in Philadelphia and taking spontaneous bike rides to Center City. If you have any questions or just want to chat, you reach Jennifer at


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Shaina Zafar

Shaina Zafar is a freshman in College of Arts and Sciences studying Political Science. Although she was born in Brooklyn, she's lived in both New York and Canada. Now, she's excited to call Philadelphia her home. As an Associate Member on the Undergraduate Assembly, she serves on the Academic Initiatives committee. Her projects have focused on expanding halal food options on campus, increasing Penn Admissions outreach, and development on a Freshman FAQ Forum. On campus, she's a part of Penn's Model UN Team, Intercol, Penn Association for Gender Equity, and the Muslim Students Association. With absolutely no sense of direction, if she's not getting lost on campus, you'll find her drinking bubble tea, eating spicy food, and pulling (occasional) all-nighters in Huntsman Hall. If you ever want to reach out to her with questions or concerns, feel free to email


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John Casey

John Casey is a freshman in the Wharton School studying economics and public policy. The son of a US Army officer, John has lived around the world, attending high school in Germany, middle school in Italy, and elementary school in Korea. Coming to Penn, he wanted to address the club recruitment process and is working to create an online club review for students. He is also involved with Penn Democrats and writes about international affairs for the Penn Political Review and College Response. When he's not studying, John loves to run, swim, and watch The Office. Reach out to him at


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Jess Andrews

Jess Andrews is a sophomore studying Nursing with a minor in Health Services Management. She is originally from Lynn, Massachusetts, but now calls Penn her second home. During her time as an Associate Member of the UA, she hopes to increase awareness of and accessibility to mental health resources on campus, as well as aid in making Penn a more affordable place to be. Outside of the UA, she is involved in Penn Wellness, Student Nurses at Penn, and the Penn Nursing Peer Advisory Program. When she’s not practicing for clinical evaluations or working at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, she loves to play tennis, try out new restaurants in Philadelphia, watch How I Met Your Mother, and belt out some tunes from Hamilton the Musical. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat, feel free to reach out to her at


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Grace Kim

Grace Kim is a freshman in the College planning to study Political Science. Growing up in New Jersey and Seoul, South Korea, Grace has spent her middle and high school years as a student council member. Coming to Penn, Grace was excited to continue representing the student body through the UA. As an associate member on the Student Life Committee, she has worked on course costs in the Fine Arts department and promoting diversity among CAPS clinicians. Outside the Undergraduate Assembly, Grace is a freshman fellow of PAGE, a member of Circle of Women, a member of Penn Beauty, and a board member of the Korean Students Association. Grace is especially passionate about gender equality, Asian American empowerment, and refugee rights. In her free time, Grace enjoys going out to restaurants in Center City - her favorite as of now is Barbuzzo. If you have any questions about her work in the UA and other organizations or if you just want to say hi, please feel free to reach her at  


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Jesse Fox




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Charles Curtis-Thomas

Charles Curtis-Thomas is a freshman in the College, and has an intended major in PPE. From Central New Jersey, (yes it does exist) he has had a passion for civic duty his entire life. On campus, he is involved in Penn Dems, The Collegium Institute, mentors inner city kids on the weekend, acts, and performs poetry. Charles likes having a chaotic schedule, and absolutely loves being a part of the UA. So far, he has worked on projects improving the overall quality of housing for the students in The Quad, Du Bois College House, and various other houses. In the future, he hopes to improve the comradery on campus among incoming and current students, and make Penn the best it can be. If you have any ideas, or just want to chat, feel free to email him at


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Kristen Ukeomah




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Mary Bready




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Anthony Scarpone-Lambert

Anthony Scarpone-Lambert is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania pursuing a degree in Nursing. In addition to being an Associate Member on the Undergraduate Assembly, Anthony is a tour guide for Kite and Key, a member of the Administrative Planning committee for the 1vyG Conference, a participant of Penn's Club Gymnastics team, the Co-Marketing Chair of Disney Acapella, and a Board Member of PennFace. During his time at Penn, Anthony hopes to cultivate a more supportive and inclusive culture, where all students feel comfortable sharing their insecurities and failures. If you would like to reach Anthony, you can feel free to contact him at


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Sewon Park

Bio coming soon!



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Logan Nantais

Logan Nantais is a freshman from Long Beach, California studying history in the College.  He is excited to implement ideas that he believes will help Penn to become the best that it can be.  Outside of classes, Logan is part of a variety of clubs such as PennSID and the IAA Consul.  You can reach Logan at


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Douglas Griswold

Douglas Griswold, originally from Jacksonville, Florida, is a sophomore in the college pursuing majors in Political Science and Religious Studies. Douglas is excited to be a part of the UA and working to better this already great university. He hopes to work especially, but not exclusively, on issues pertaining to sustainability, low-income students, and inclusivity. In his free time, you will probably find him scouring Philadelphia for authentic southern food or at an orchestral concert. If you have any ideas, questions, or just want to talk or meet, you can reach Douglas at


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Armaun Rouhi

Armaun Rouhi is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Health & Societies with a minor in Chemistry. Although he is originally from San Diego, California, Armaun has quickly found a home at Penn and a special connection to Philadelphia. On the UA, Armaun serves on the Student Life Committee to advocate for improvements to student health and campus health resources. He is currently working on incorporating an online health risk assessment into pre-registration and new student orientation programming, as well as increasing access to menstrual care products on campus. At Penn, he is also involved in University Scholars, Cut Hypertension Clinic, and WQHS Radio. Armaun loves meeting new people, going on walks along the Schuylkill, and starting spontaneous food adventures into the city. If you have any questions, ideas, or want to chat, feel free to reach Armaun at