Associate Membership

Associate Members (AMs) are an important part of the UA community. These members participate in one or more committees and work with members to lobby administrators. While they cannot vote, associate members are integral to the success of the UA. They follow their passions to make tangible change. If you have any questions regarding the associate member process, please contact

 If you are a leader of a UA Steering group and would like to send a member to work on a specific project as an AM, please contact UA Speaker Brian Goldstein at as soon as possible.

Applications Have Closed for this semester.

Will Castner 

Associate member

Bio coming soon!


Simon Chen  

Associate member

Simon Chen is a sophomore studying Economics from Allentown, Pennsylvania. As an Associate Member his freshman year on the Academic Initiatives Committee, he is excited to continue serving the best interests of students in the Student and Campus Life Committee this Fall. He enjoys exploring different fields of interest as much as possible in his spare time, from color theory to international cuisine. He is always willing to meet up through

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Charles curtis-thomas

Associate member

Charles Curtis-Thomas is a Sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Political Science and Sociology. Around campus, Charles is a part of The Undergraduate Assembly, The Ase Mentorship Program, Greek Life, Class Board 2021, BWUA Consulting, Christian Union, and more. Charles is very passionate about meeting people, helping people, and making a change in his environment wherever his life takes him. You can reach him at


Kevin Myers 

Associate member

Kevin Myers is a senior from Reading, Pennsylvania. He is studying Philosophy, Politics, & Economics and minoring in Science, Technology, & Society. Throughout his time at Penn, Kevin has been involved in the Mask & Wig Club, the University Honor Council, and the Student Activities Council. This is his third year serving on the UA, having served as a College Rep for the two years prior to his current appointment as an Associate Member. As the longest tenured member of the Academic Initiatives Committee, Kevin has focussed on advocating for academic policy changes to benefit all students. His past project work has centered around amending Penn's Pass/Fail policy and clarifying the University policy regarding academic archives (Test Banks). Feel free to reach out to him at


armaun rouhi

Associate member 

Armaun Rouhi is a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences studying Biology and Health & Societies with a concentration in Health Policy & Law. Originally from San Diego, California, Armaun has grown to love Penn and Philadelphia, which has quickly become his home away from home. Armaun champions student health by serving on the Dining, Housing, and Transit Committee and advocating for improvements to campus health resources, such as tampon disposal containers and menstrual products, in college houses, dining halls, and other buildings. Outside of the UA, Armaun works to reduce health disparities in West Philadelphia by providing free blood pressure readings with Cut Hypertension Clinic. When he's not studying in Fisher Fine Arts or reading about the latest news in health policy, Armaun always loves meeting new people, going on walks along the Schuylkill, and starting spontaneous food adventures into the city. If you have any questions, ideas, or want to grab food, feel free to reach Armaun at


Anthony Scarpone-lambert  

Associate member

Anthony is a sophomore in the School of Nursing pursuing Nursing and a minor in Healthcare Management. Known often times around campus as "the kid from the video", Anthony grew up just an hour away from Penn's campus in Bucks County, PA. Besides from being an Associate Member on the Undergraduate Assembly, Anthony is a tour guide through Kite and Key, a member of Disney A Cappella and Penn's Club Gymnastics team, and active in the Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity. Anthony is very excited to be a part of the UA for his second year, and in the Equity and Inclusion Committee. He hopes to inspire others to feel open about failures, and assure that all First-Generation students and LGBTQ+ individuals feel home at Penn. Please feel free to reach out to Anthony at!


Ariela Stein 

Associate member

Ariela Stein is a junior studying Political Science and History with a certificate in Spanish. She was born and raised in Miami, FL. Ariela joined the UA towards the end of her freshman year with the goal of representing students of all backgrounds and opinions. She strives to ensure that every student has a great Penn experience to look back on. She is looking forward to returning to the UA’s Academic Initiatives committee. She loves meeting with students for coffee or lunch! Do not hesitate to contact her at


George Yang 

Associate member

During his sophomore year, George served on the UA as the Nursing Representative and the liaison to the Student Health Advisory Board. Last year, he helped improve awareness about library resources and how to acquire free course books. This year, he hopes to help improve campus engagement with the surrounding community to decrease disparities, continue to contribute to communication of the university's resources, and provide recommendations to Penn's nursing faculty on how to improve the classroom experience. He also majors in Nursing and Healthcare Management. If you have ideas, questions, or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out at


Robert KLOPF

Associate member

Robert Klopf is a fraternal twin brother and now a senior in the College studying Mathematics and Economics.  He is from Oradell, New Jersey, a small suburb outside of New York City.  As a new associate member of the Undergraduate Assembly (UA), he hopes to bring new ideas with a particular interest in representing common student-athlete concerns.   Robert’s current, main involvements outside of UA include Varsity Track and Field, Seniors for the Penn Fund, and Young Quakers.  He enjoys watching the Yankees, playing cards, and having late night pizza at Abners.



Associate member

Obed Antoine is a freshman studying Nursing and Health-Care Management as a dual-degree between the Nursing School and Wharton from Bradenton, Florida. On the UA, Obed is currently a member of the Academic Initiatives (AI) committee. Obed’s main goal on the AI is to aid students in dual-degree programs and to build camaraderie within those cohorts.  He also plans on integrating support systems and additional informational resources in regards to ensuring students perform at their best academically all throughout the week. Ultimately, Obed hopes to make the freshman experience for the class of 2022 and beyond more enjoyable.  Feel free to reach out to him at as is his always willing to meet-up and answer questions.


Mary Sadallah

Associate member

Mary is a freshman from a weird suburb in South Jersey called Egg Harbor Township. She is studying Political Science, Economics, and Arabic in hopes of one day working in the Middle East. At Penn, she is involved with Penn Dems, Penn First, Penn Coffee Club, and Penn Undergraduates for Refugee Empowerment. She is passionate about increasing the visibility of underrepresented and minority groups on campus, as well as improving outreach from CAPs and the Cultural Resource Centers. In her free time, she enjoys trying new foods, shopping, and watching bad reality TV (The Bachelor, KUWTK, etc.) Feel free to reach out to her at!


Ryan Bush 

Associate member

Ryan Bush is a freshman from Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the College studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, with an intended concentration in Public Policy and Governance, as well as a minor in Creative Writing. He has a passion for constitutional and corporate law, but can also be found indulging in fictional poetry and prose. On the UA, Ryan serves as an Associate Member on the Equity and Inclusion Committee. His priority this year is to be an instrumental component of his committee in working on projects that address issues being faced by minority and underrepresented groups on the Penn campus. Ryan is particularly passionate about bridging the divide between American and international education systems, and plans to lobby Penn administration for more comprehensive reforms of the transition process. Outside of the UA, Ryan is a writing coach for the Write On! team that works with students from the West Philadelphia community, a member of SPEC-Connaissance, and a part of PennDems. In his free time, Ryan loves to explore cities and spend time with friends. If you have any questions for Ryan, or want to grab coffee, do not hesitate to contact him at


Tess Doran

Associate member

Tess Doran is a sophomore in the School of Nursing originally from Northern Virginia. She serves on the Academic Initiatives Committee, and is excited to pursue projects which will benefit the lives of students from all four schools at Penn. Outside of student government, she is the social director of Penn Model Congress, on the advocacy board of Timmy Global Health, a nursing peer advisor, and a member of SNAP. In her free time, Tess loves to swim, explore Philadelphia, and drink lots and lots of coffee. Feel free to reach out at