Wellness At Penn

Wellness at Penn provides support, resources, and practical tools for eight kinds of wellness at Penn: emotional, physical, mental, social, sexual, spiritual, financial, and occupational.

Counseling and Psychological Services | 215-898-7021

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is the counseling center for the University of Pennsylvania. CAPS offers free and confidential services to all Penn undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

Student Health Service | 215-746-3535

Student Health Service provides quality health care that is accessible, affordable, culturally sensitive and student-focused. The Student Health Service supports the academic mission of the University of Pennsylvania through teaching, mentoring, research and leadership.

CAMPUS HEALTH | 215-746-3535

Campus Health provides resources and education for how to lead a healthier life on campus, including free condoms, sleep kits, and administration of the annual flu clinic. They also offer workshops on smoking cessation, healthy eating and exercise habits, and how to avoid communicable diseases.

Student Intervention Services | 215-898-6081

Penn Student Intervention Services (SIS) assists the University community in handling emergencies or critical incidents involving the welfare and safety of students.

University Chaplain’s Office | 215-898-8456

The Chaplain is the administrative officer of the University responsible to the Provost for the oversight and coordination of religious activities on the campus. The Chaplain supports the academic mission of the University by facilitating and encouraging initiatives concerned with the moral, ethical, and spiritual dimensions of university life.

The University’s HELP Line | 215-898-HELP (215-898-4357)

The University's HELP Line is a 24-hour-a-day phone number for members of the Penn community who are seeking time sensitive help in navigating Penn’s resources for health and wellness. Calls will be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by Division of Public Safety professionals trained in mental health referrals by staff from Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).

Penn Recreation

Campus Recreation offers innovative programs and services to provide you, as a Penn affiliate, with an opportunity to improve your overall well-being. The variety of programs are well-suited for any individual, student group, or campus department.

Office of Alcohol and Other Drugs | 215-573-3525

The mission of the Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Program Initiatives is to reduce harm related to alcohol and other drug use at the University of Pennsylvania. Key efforts focus on education, prevention and confidential, non-judgmental brief interventions for both individual Penn students and student groups.

Reach-A-Peer Line (RAP Line) | 215-573-2727

The Reach-A-Peer Helpline/Online is a peer help line established in 1996 to provide peer support, information, and referrals to any and all students of the University of Pennsylvania.