UA Committees

Academic Initiatives

Director: Julianne Goodman


The Academic Initiatives Committee deals with issues pertaining to academics. AI works closely with SCUE (Student Committee on Undergraduate Education) and administrators across all four undergraduate schools (School of Arts & Science, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Nursing, Wharton Business School), including the office of the Provost, to make improvements and/or introduce new ways to enhance and facilitate academic procedures and increase resources. This year, AI hopes to take more into consideration the voices of students on campus to propose project ideas and resolutions that have the power to impact the entire Penn community, by allowing students and administrators to work together in providing the best education possible fit to students’ arising needs. Please contact AI Committee Director Julianne Goodman with any questions or concerns at

Dining, Sustainability, and Facilities

Director: KYle O'nEil

The Dining, Sustainability and Facilities Committee, or “DSF”, has one of the widest purviews of any UA Committee. Responsible for enhancing the Penn dining experience, advocating for students who want to make Penn more eco-friendly, and finding creative and inspiring ways to make Penn facilities more accessible to students, DSF committee members have a lot on their plates. In order to generate the most effective change for students, DSF collaborates and liaises with a host of other groups and administrative boards, including the Dining Advisory Board, the Student Sustainability Association at Penn, the UC Committee on Facilities, Penn Transit, Penn Residential Services, among others. The committee's projects this year include rerouting PennTransit's bus routes, installing water bottle refilling stations around campus, and creating a comprehensive online room-request system. Don’t hesitate to contact DSF Committee Director Kyle O'Neil with any questions or concerns at

Social Justice

Director: Natasha MEnon

The Social Justice Committee (SJ) is focused on social justice, advocacy, and community service projects both on and off Penn’s campus. We partner with resource centers like Civic House and the Netter Center for Community Partnerships. We also work with student groups and administrative boards such as Civic House Associates Coalition (CHAC) the Division of Public Safety (DPS), and the University Committee on Open Expression. In past years, SJ projects have included College Day, where students in West Philadelphia come to Penn’s campus to become exposed to Penn and what it has to offer, the translation of admissions material into foreign languages, and the removal of tennis court fees at Penn Park. This year we hope to address sexual assault and awareness training on Penn’s campus, bike safety, and the creation of safety fund as well as a multitude of other projects. The Social Justice Committee Director Natasha Menon welcomes your input at

The Student Life (SL) Committee of the Penn Undergraduate Assembly places a large emphasis on how to most effectively improve the student experience for undergraduates on a more direct and tangible level. Student Life primarily focuses on what students are concerned with on a daily basis, including implementing projects on student health & safety and campus engagement. Collaborations with Class Board, the Red & Blue Crew, and a variety of other organizations also allow for improvements in school spirit and bring forth additional project opportunities for members. The committee members are responsible for being reactive to current student life issues (i.e. requests for condom dispensers in college houses) while also having the capacity of being more proactive in finding ways to improve the current state of the students’ experience. If you have any questions or concerns pertaining to the student life of Penn undergraduates, please do not hesitate in contacting the Student Life Committee Director Samara Wyant at


Director: Samara WyanT

The Communications Team works to inform the student body of the Undergraduate Assembly's work as well as share pertinent information about the university. Communications is not an official standing committee of the UA. The Communications Director is Jordan Andrews. For questions regarding communications, please reach out to Jordan at


Director: Jordan Andrews