UA Committees

Academic Initiatives

Director: John Casey


The Academics Initiative Committee (AI) delves deeper into academic policies and practices. This committee works closely with the Student Committee on Undergraduate Education (as well as Academic Steering) and administrators across all four undergraduate schools to provide the best education possible to students and their arising needs. Please contact AI Committee Director Max Grove with any questions or concerns at

Dining, housing, and transit 

Director: maria curry

The Dining, Housing, and Transit Committee (DHT) provides for the improvement of the institutions that students interact with on a daily basis. This committee will focus on, but will not be limited to, projects related to dining halls and the use of meal plans, housing both on and off campus, as well as residential programs and programming conducted in College Houses. In addition, this committee will focus on issues of students navigating Penn and Philadelphia through various transit networks and modes of transportation. Don’t hesitate to contact DHT Committee Director Maria Curry with any questions or concerns at

equity and inclusion

Director: Mary Sadallah 

The Equity and Inclusion (EI) Committee will focus on, but it is not limited to, collaborating with mis- and under-represented communities to address their needs in terms of accessibility, affordability, safety, etc. This also includes liaising with umbrella organizations and lobbying administrators to make sure that every voice is heard and that marginalized groups on campus are prioritized. The EI Committee Director Mary Sadallah welcomes your input at

The Student and Campus Life (SCL) Committee prioritizes issues facing not only the student body, but also student interaction with Penn’s campus. Examples of initiatives include, but are not limited to, mental wellness, extracurricular activities, and student interactions with faculty and administrators. If you have any questions or concerns pertaining to the student life of Penn undergraduates, please do not hesitate in contacting the SCL Committee Director Jess Andrews at

STUDENT and campus LIFE

Director: jessica andrews

Community Engagement and Sustainability Committee (CES) will focus on Penn’s environmental footprint and its footprint in the West Philadelphia community. This committee will be more outward-facing in purview and will prioritize initiatives that promote social responsibility and foster good relations with community impact-oriented student groups. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to SCI committee director Arjun Swaminathan at 

Community Engagement and Sustainability

Director: Arjun Swaminathan

The Communications Team works to inform the student body of the Undergraduate Assembly's work as well as share pertinent information about the university. Communications is not an official standing committee of the UA. The Communications Director is Nikhil Gupta. For questions regarding communications, please reach out to Nikhil at


Director: Nikhil Gupta