Penn Student Government

Penn Student Government (PSG) reaches many corners of student life, from funding hundreds of student groups, to planning social events, guest speakers, and concerts, to advocating on behalf of students on academics and other issues, and ensuring that all voices—particularly the under- and mis-represented ones—get heard by the administration. For more information, visit


Class Board

Composed of four groups corresponding to each class, Class Board exists to provide social programming that instills a sense of class and school spirit, unity and pride, and breaks through social barriers. Each class popularly elects a president, executive vice president, vice president for internal affairs, vice president for external affairs, vice president for finance, and class chairs. For more information, visit the Facebook group of each class: 2019, 2020, and 2021.


The Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) consists of approximately 40 members selected through an application process by the NEC executive board to serve for the remainder of their undergraduate careers. The NEC has many important contributions to Penn's community. A couple include running the UA and Class Board elections and educating the student body on the activities of all six branches of student government and for maintaining effective communication amongst the six branches, themselves. For more information, visit

Student Activities Council 

Composed of representatives from approximately 150 non-governance organizations and clubs, the Student Activities Council (SAC) exists to recognize, supervise, and fund undergraduate activities, to provide for greater communication and cooperation between student groups and the University administration, and to work for improvements in the quality of student life at the University of Pennsylvania. For more information, visit

Social Planning AND eVENTS cOMMITTEE 

The Social Planning and Events Committee (SPEC) exists to develop, organize, and plan campus wide social and cultural activities. SPEC is comprised of 9 subcommittees that include Film, Concerts, SPEC-TRUM, Connaissance, Jazz, Sound, Art Collective, Pop-Up, and Spring Fling. For more information, visit

Student committee on undergraduate education 

The Student Committee on Undergraduate Education (SCUE) consists of approximately 35 to 40 undergraduates from all four schools who are selected by a six-member Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is elected by a full Committee vote each January. SCUE works to enhance and expand curricular opportunities, advising, and the overall quality of the undergraduate academic experience. SCUE serves both as advocates for the student voice and as advisors to the faculty and administration. For more information, visit