Executive Board

The President and Vice-President are elected to serve the Student Body at-large, and the rest of the Executive Board is elected internally at the annual Transition Meeting.

natasha Menon


Natasha Menon is a senior studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics with a minor in Legal Studies and History from Fountain Hills, AZ. Previously having served as the Social Justice Committee Director and Treasurer, Natasha will continue her work this year as President of the UA and focus on promoting university resources and elevating the voices of marginalized communities on campus. Outside of the UA, she is a member of the Civic Scholars program, the Penn Public Policy Initiative Student Group (PPISG), and the Penn Masti dance team. Natasha spends her free time reading, exploring the food scene in Philadelphia, and rewatching episodes of the Office and Parks and Rec. Reach out to Natasha with any ideas or concerns at president@pennua.org.

Brian Goldstein

Vice President

Brian Goldstein is a Senior studying Health and Societies with a concentration in Global Health. He is from Newtown, Pennsylvania and was raised with three older sisters. During this year, Brian hopes to work on a variety of projects ranging from improving dining halls to reducing sexual violence across campus. Brian serves as the current Speaker of the UA and is looking forward to meeting with administrators to get projects completed. Outside of the UA, he enjoys working out at the gym and hanging out with friends. If you have any questions or would just like to talk feel free to reach out to him at vp@pennua.org!

Jude Dartey


Jude Dartey is a junior in the College studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. He is originally from Ghana, West Africa but currently lives in Philadelphia. Jude has previously served on the UA as a New Student Representative and also the Director of the Committee on Equity and Inclusion. This year Jude is serving as the UA Speaker. His priority as the Speaker is to focus on the internal dynamics of the UA to make sure that everyone is working efficiently and effectively. Outside of the UA, Jude can be found enjoying some Ghanaian delicacies and spending some quality time with his friends. Jude likes to fish, workout, and is also a big fan of wrestling and basketball! If you have any ideas or concerns (whether UA related or not) please feel free to reach out to him at speaker@pennua.org!

Kevin Zhou  


Kevin Zhou is a junior in the College studying Political Science and Economics and currently serves as the UA Treasurer. Kevin was born in Beijing, China and moved to Irvine, California at the age of 11. Throughout the past two years on the UA, Kevin has worked on a range of initiative, including proposing the CAPS Embedded Model, lobbying for Make-Up Exam Reforms, advising on better dining accommodations, and pushing for more funding and space for cultural groups. Outside of the UA, Kevin serves as the Chair of the United Minorities Council, a role in which he pursues initiatives that advocate for minority student interests on campus and explore intersectionality between communities. You can often find Kevin eating Chipotle for the third time in a week while binging Westworld or occasionally performing magic at shows across campus. You can reach out to Kevin with any questions or suggestions at treasurer@pennua.org

Dante DIggs


Dante Diggs is a freshman studying in the Wharton School. Outside of UA, he is a member of the Penn Debate Society, Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative, and a youth representative for the Youth Volunteer Corp board. Dante is interested in studying business economics and public policy or behavioral economics, with a focus on educational policy and economic development in urban areas. Additionally, Dante enjoys reading books from authors such as Daniel Pink, playing video games, and exercising. You can reach him at secratary@pennua.org.