College Representatives

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Jordan Andrews


Jordan Andrews is a junior in the College studying Political Science, French, and American Public Policy. During her freshman and sophomore years, Jordan served on the UA as a New Student Representative and the Communications Director, respectively. This year, she hopes to foster a stronger community within UA Steering by creating an environment for student groups to hear and understand each other's constituencies. In addition, she will prioritize transparency between the Penn administration, student body, and Undergraduate Assembly; accessibility of Penn’s resources; inclusivity and equal opportunity for success; mental wellness initiatives; and community engagement with the Greater Philadelphia area. If you have ideas, questions, concerns, or want to grab coffee (Jordan will be drinking tea but is super happy to meet with you) don't hesitate to reach out to to her at




Ammar Bawa is a junior concentrating in Mechanisms of Disease in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. He is also interested in Healthcare Management and Philosophy/Ethics. On the UA, Ammar serves on the Academic Initiatives Committee. He is passionate about making educational services and opportunities at Penn more accessible and prominent in the Penn Community. Ammar started the intermediate tutoring project and is currently working on school-specific pre-med guides. Born and raised in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, Ammar enjoys the occasional knee-slappin, lip-smakin, evening BBQ and Blue Bell Cookie Two-Step. When not on his grind at Pottruck or VP, he's probably exploring Philadelphia with friends, running along the Schuylkill, or playing basketball. Feel free to reach out to him at




Jude Dartey is a sophomore in the College studying Mathematics and Economics. He is originally from Ghana, West Africa but currently lives in Philadelphia. His priority this year as a Committee Director is to guide the members of his committee to work on meaningful projects that addresses the issues that underrepresented students face on campus. Outside of the UA, Jude can be found enjoying some Ghanaian delicacies and spending some quality time with his friends. Jude likes to fish, workout, and is also a big fan of wrestling and basketball! If you have any ideas or concerns (whether UA related or not) please feel free to reach out to him at!  




Carmen is a sophomore in the College studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. She is a Mexican American FGLI (first-generation, low-income) student from rural North Carolina. Carmen joined the UA at the end of this past semester to serve as a voice for all students and as a driving force to shape Penn for the better. On the UA, Carmen serves on the Equity and Inclusion Committee, in addition to her role as Legal Services Coordinator for both the undergraduate and graduate student bodies. Carmen is passionate about expanding university accessibility for the first-generation, low-income student community and creating an atmosphere that prioritizes mental wellness of all students. Outside of the UA, Carmen is a 2017 Coca-Cola Scholar, Penn Civic Scholar, CAPS Advisory Board member, and a member of Penn First. If you ever have any ideas or questions (even outside of legal concerns), want to grab coffee, or just want to say hello, you can reach Carmen at




Brian Goldstein is a junior studying Health and Societies with a concentration in Global Health. He is from Newtown, Pennsylvania and was raised with three older sisters. During this year, Brian hopes to work on a variety of projects ranging from improving dining halls to reducing sexual violence across campus. Brian serves as the current Secretary of the UA and is looking forward to meeting with administrators to get projects completed. Outside of the UA, he enjoys working out at the gym and hanging out with friends. If you have any questions or would just like to talk feel free to reach out to him at!


Elena Hoffman 

Elena Hoffman is a junior planning to double major in Political Science and Communications & Public Service with a language certificate in Arabic. This year, Elena is serving on the UA’s Dining, Sustainability, and Facilities Committee. Apart from the Undergraduate Assembly, Elena serves on the Government and Politics Association’s Executive Board as their Treasurer. She is also a sister of the Chi Omega sorority and a member of PennDems. She hails from San Diego, California, where she attended a unique project-based-learning charter school. Even though she misses her fish tacos, evening beach runs, and driving on the wide Southern Californian freeways, Elena loves the four seasons and abundance of history and tradition present on the East Coast, and Philadelphia in particular. After graduating from Penn, she wishes to work in the fields of either government, policy, or law. Elena hopes to amplify the voices of marginalized groups on campus through her service on the UA with an ultimate goal of promoting school-wide equity. Reach out to her at

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Jason Kim

Jason Kim is a junior in the College planning to study Political Science. Hailing from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Jason knew that he wanted to promote the wellbeing of the student body at Penn. As a College Representative on the Student Life Committee, he has worked on improving student conditions at Penn with a focus on mental health. Jason is also the Executive VP for the freshman class and is involved with the Wharton Public Policy Initiative Student Group and Penn UNICEF. He hopes to help enact positive change through foreign policy in his future. He loves to meet new people and in his free time enjoys playing tennis. If you have any questions or ideas or if you just want to say hello, please don’t hesitate to reach him at

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Michael Krone


Michael Krone is a senior in the College studying Political Science and Economics with a minor in American Public Policy from Lafayette Hill, PA (right outside of Philadelphia). On the UA, Michael has served as an Associate Member and College Representative on the Student Life Committee, as well as Communications Director, Speaker, and now, President. Michael’s passions for the UA include publicizing university services, expanding access to resources, and promotion of Philadelphia engagement. Outside of the UA, Michael has served as Chair of the Student Activities Council, and is involved in Shabbatones, Mock Trial, Kite and Key, Seniors for the Penn Fund, and the PENNacle Pre-Orientation program. You can usually find Michael in the Office of Student Affairs or catching up on new episodes of House of Cards, Veep, or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Reach out to Michael with ideas or concerns at

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ben may

Sustainability and community impact

Ben May is a sophomore in the College who plans on studying Mathematical Economics and International Relations. He was born in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia, lived on Long Island for most of his life, and currently lives in Boston. He joined to work on creating a more environmentally sustainable campus and improving student life through tangible changes, currently serving as the Sustainability and Community Impact committee director. Outside of the UA, he is a member of Penn's travel Model United Nations team (Intercol), a member of Greek life, a tour guide in Kite and Key, and a part of PennDems. Ben loves the outdoors, living to scuba dive, hike, and go on road trips. With family ties to the circus, he almost always has juggling balls on him. If you have any questions or want to grab food, do not hesitate to contact him at or

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Natasha Menon


Natasha Menon is a junior studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics with a minor in Legal Studies and History from Fountain Hills, AZ. Previously having served as the Social Justice Committee Director, Natasha will continue her work as Treasurer of the UA and focus on elevating the voices of marginalized communities on campus. Outside of the UA, she is a member of the Civic Scholars program and the Penn Public Policy Initiative Student Group (PPISG), where she explores her interest in immigration and education policy. She is also a part of the Penn Masti dance team and serves on the PAACH Board of Advisors. Natasha spends her free time reading, exploring the food scene in Philadelphia, and watching shows on Netflix. Reach out to Natasha with any ideas or concerns at

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Simon Miller

Simon Miller is a junior studying Biological Basis of Behavior in the College of Arts and Sciences. He is also following a pre-medical track, hoping to eventually go to medical school. Born in Chicago, he has lived most of his life in Atlanta, Georgia before coming to Penn. Simon joined the UA to help improve access to mental health facilities on campus for all students and to help make a tangible impact on people of Penn. Apart from UA, Simon is also involved in Greek life, fencing, and is always looking to try interesting activities. He loves to try new things (especially food), meet new people, and crack jokes at every opportunity. He also loves to read, play video games, hand out with friends, and watch the occasional Netflix/Hulu just to relax. You can contact him at


Mercedes owens


Mercedes Owens is a sophomore in the College studying Economics with a minor in Consumer Psychology. Originally from Lexington, Tennessee, Mercedes has always dreamed of being capable of making a change in the lives of those around her. As a New Student Representative, she helped broaden the opportunities available for first-generation low-income students at Penn. As Secretary, she hopes to provide the help and support needed not only by UA members, but also the student body. Mercedes is also a part of SPEC, and the Power of Penn Campaign Committee.  If you have any questions, ideas, or just want to talk, don’t hesitate to contact her at


Jennifer Richards 

Jennifer is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences from San Diego, California. While her major is not yet decided, she is highly considering double majoring in Psychology and Criminology. As a member of the Academic Initiatives Committee, Jennifer has worked on improving the peer advising program, course absence policies and course registration. Outside of the Undergraduate Assembly, Jennifer is a member of Women’s Varsity Tennis, the events coordinator for Penn Wellness, a tour guide for Kite and Key and a member of Alpha Phi Sorority. In her free time, she enjoys exploring restaurants in Philadelphia and taking spontaneous bike rides to Center City. If you have any questions or just want to chat, you can reach Jennifer at

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Arjun Swaminathan

Arjun Swaminathan is a junior who intends to major in Mathematical Economics and minor in Computer Science. Although he currently resides in Potomac, Maryland, he was born and raised in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia and loves rooting for the city's sports teams. Arjun joined the UA at the end of this past Spring to advocate for tangible change at Penn and serve as a voice for students in the School of Arts and Sciences. Outside of the UA, he is involved in Penn Special Olympics, WQHS Radio, and IAA, and enjoys Chipotle, hip-hop, and studying in the Huntsman forum. Feel free to reach out to him at

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Samara Wyant

Samara Wyant is a senior studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. She was born in Toronto, but has lived in Chicago and currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio. Samara joined the UA in her sophomore year. She has served as a College Representative on the Social Justice Committee, and is currently the Student Life Committee Director. Samara is passionate about policy and politics, and is committed to bettering the lives of students by working on projects that will improve the Penn community and lower costs of attendance. Aside from the UA, Samara is also involved with PIPAC, the Daily Pennsylvanian, Penn Dems, and Sigma Delta Tau. Please reach out with any questions or comments to


Kevin Zhou 

Kevin Zhou is a sophomore in the College studying Political Science and Economics. Born in Beijing, China and moved to Irvine, California in middle school, Kevin has always been interested in policy-making, ensuring all voices are heard and all opportunities are equally available. Through serving on the Equity and Inclusion Committee this year, Kevin hopes to continue to bring positive changes to campus in a variety of ways, including pushing for a more affordable and better quality dining plan, promoting safer event environments for all students, and further pursuing mental health initiatives that expand accessibility and reduce stigma. Other than the UA, Kevin is also part of the United Minority Council, the Executive Council of American Enterprise Institute at Penn, and Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. The best part about being on the UA for Kevin is the people he gets to meet and converse with. He would love to talk to anyone about anything, and you can reach him at