Campus Express

Campus Express is the first place to go to conduct any business related to dining, housing, Penn Cash, or Penn Card items. You can view your housing assignment, add Penn Cash, change your dining plan, and more!


College Houses and Academic Services Home

The home base of programming and activities within college houses. You can also use this portal to access the website of your own College House, or one that you hope to live in in the coming years.

Residential Services

If you have any ideas or interest in learning more about college housing, details about room selection and move-in, or the specifics of what your college house looks like, visit the Residential Services site.

AiM Maintenance Reporting Form

For any maintenance issues in your college house, or anywhere on campus, report it here.


Penn Dining Home

Check out the latest announcements and information related to dining on Penn’s campus.

Nutrition Information

If you have dietary restrictions or are interested in learning more about how to develop a customized dining experience in Penn Dining’s facilities, click on the link above.

Dining Plans

For information on the dining plans that are available to chose from, click on the link above.

Menus and Hours of Operation