GBM Meeting Minutes

The UA has a meeting every Sunday starting at 9pm. These meetings are open to the public and comprise all of the UA’s decision-making. The meetings follow a basic format:

  1. Roll call
  2. Open Forum – An opportunity for guests & members alike to share their thoughts on anything they believe requires the UA’s attention.
  3. Reports – The President, VP, Treasurer and Speaker all have an opportunity to report on any new developments.
  4. Project Updates – Each committee presents updates on any projects that Representatives or Associate Members have been working on.
  5. New Business – New items which require the UA’s attention, including discussion papers, resolutions and any special elections.
  6. Old Business – Business that had been tabled from the prior meeting.
  7. Communications – The final part of the meeting, closed to public, in which members share personal updates from the week.

The UA encourages members of the public to attend our meetings – especially the ones that involve pieces of legislation which will personally affect the student.
The meetings are held every Sunday at 9pm in the Benjamin Franklin Room in Houston Hall.

Minutes from the 45th Session (2017-2018)

Budget Amendment Discussion, Penn Labs Amendment. Class Board Ammendments

Intermediate Tutoring Opportunities, Discussion on UA Proposed Budget 2018-2019, Panhellenic Wellness

University Council seat transfer, CIS Advisory Board, GAPSA Mentoring Program

Amendment to Bylaw 85, PSG Week, new Engineering representative, mental wellness survey, mesh screens in college houses

Administrator meetings with DPS, overview of semester schedule, MEDLIFE and PennCasila contingency requests, low-cost food options in Houston Hall

Bylaw budget amendment discussion, UA Video Updates, Quad Trash cans, Access to Halal Food, Peer Advising, Dining Dollar Conversion timeline

AOD and Anti-Hazing Policies, SHAB Discussion, Test banks, Uncoordinated dual degree, Peer advisors, Leave of Absence, and FGLI library

City 6 Conference, Airport Shuttles, Reimbursement for art supplies, CAPS diversity, promoting green living certificate, Random Acts of Kindness

Joint NEC Sunset Bylaw Amendment, Midterm Review Week, Hazing on Campus, Student Recreation Center, Mental Health resources on syllabi

Campus Conversation, DACA Updates, Academic Advising, CAPS and student life, Penn Face revamp, Priority registration for athletes, Tampon initiative, Leave of Absence Project

Uncoordinated dual degree advisor, nursing clinical fees, textbook guide, diversity in Wharton concentrations, PULSE survey

VPUL Meeting, Retreat discussion, Leave of Absence communication and programming, ASAM Program, Hill Dining Hall guest access, UC Committee on open expression

APSC contingency request, ice machines in college houses, dining plan through housing, SCC moratorium updates

Associate member applications, Support for students affected by DACA resolution, University policy on Test banks, CAPS open house

Legal services coordinator, Hurricane Irma and Harvey Food Drive, Recycling bins in Huntsman GSRs, Counting Cis as language requirement

Upcoming CAPS admin meeting, slack, election of budget and finance committee, OFSL CFA addition, Penn Dining and UA thermos project

Upcoming administrative meetings, associate membership, cabinet, website bios, confirmation of SPT, Fresh Grocer discussion paper


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