GBM Meeting Minutes

The UA has a meeting every Sunday starting at 9pm. These meetings are open to the public and comprise all of the UA’s decision-making. The meetings follow a basic format:

  1. Roll call

  2. Open Forum – An opportunity for guests & members alike to share their thoughts on anything they believe requires the UA’s attention.

  3. Reports – The President, VP, Treasurer and Speaker all have an opportunity to report on any new developments.

  4. Project Updates – Each committee presents updates on any projects that Representatives or Associate Members have been working on.

  5. New Business – New items which require the UA’s attention, including discussion papers, resolutions and any special elections.

  6. Old Business – Business that had been tabled from the prior meeting.

  7. Communications – The final part of the meeting, closed to public, in which members share personal updates from the week.

The UA encourages members of the public to attend our meetings – especially the ones that involve pieces of legislation which will personally affect the student.
The meetings are held every Sunday at 9pm in the Benjamin Franklin Room in Houston Hall.

Minutes from the 47th Session (2019-2020)

  • Stephanie discussed her hopes for creating a more civically-minded Wharton Undergraduate curriculum

  • Suchy detailed ways to improve the Transfer Student Experience on Penn's campus

  • The UA Voted on the Campus Compact Civic Action Plan, a document designed to encourage leadership to pursue civic endeavors

  • John updated the body on Penn Clubs

  • Maria discussed the University Council Meeting for Facilities

  • Cabinet will meet with career services on

  • The Body voted Pro on a Bylaw Amendment concerning AM's Inclusion on Cabinet

  • The Treasurer described his plans for the Funding Steering Assembly

  • Two discussion papers were presented discussing Longitudinal Wellness and Wharton ABCS Courses

  • The Vice President detailed numerous initiatives to encourage diverse representation on the UA

  • The UA Voted Con on a Bylaw Amendment regarding UA Cabinet Member Attendance

  • The UA elected a new Budget Committee

  • The President discussed meeting with many administrators over the course of the next UA Session

  • The Speaker Announced the new Associate Members and Cabinet Members


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