Executive Board

The President and Vice-President are elected to serve the Student Body at-large, and the rest of the Executive Board is elected internally at the annual Transition Meeting.


Michael Krone


Michael Krone is a senior in the College studying Political Science and Economics with a minor in American Public Policy from Lafayette Hill, PA (right outside of Philadelphia). On the UA, Michael has served as an Associate Member and College Representative on the Student Life Committee, as well as Communications Director and now, Speaker. Michael’s passions for the UA include publicizing university services, expanding access to resources, and promotion of Philadelphia engagement. Outside of the UA, Michael is involved with SAC Exec, Shabbatones, Mock Trial, Kite and Key, and the PENNacle Pre-Orientation program. You can usually find Michael in the Office of Student Affairs or catching up on new episodes of House of Cards, Veep, or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Reach out to Michael with ideas or concerns at president@pennua.org.



Jordan Andrews

Vice President

Jordan Andrews is a junior in the College studying Political Science with minors in French and Public Policy. Previously on the UA as a New Student Representative, Jordan has served on the UA's Communications Team and the Airport Shuttles Committee. This year, she will also continue her work on the Social Justice Committee while serving the UA as Communications Director. Outside of PSG, Jordan is a Civic Scholar who is passionate about education and criminal justice reform. She is involved in Penn Public Policy Initiative Student Group (PPISG), Beyond Arrests: Re-Thinking Systematic Oppression (BARS), and she is a freshman peer advisor. Originally from Bloomfield Hills, MI, Jordan enjoys writing poetry, playing volleyball, and geographical trivia. Contact her at vp@pennua.org.



Brian Goldstien


Brian Goldstein is a junior studying Health and Societies with a concentration in Global Health. He is from Newtown, Pennsylvania and was raised with three older sisters. During this year, Brian hopes to work on a variety of projects ranging from improving dining halls to reducing sexual violence across campus. Brian serves as the current Secretary of the UA and is looking forward to meeting with administrators to get projects completed. Outside of the UA, he enjoys working out at the gym and hanging out with friends. If you have any questions or would just like to talk feel free to reach out to him at speaker@pennua.org!


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Natasha Menon 


Natasha Menon is a junior studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics with a minor in Legal Studies and a certificate in Spanish. Born in Chicago, she lived in St. Louis, Missouri and Durham, North Carolina before settling in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she currently resides. Natasha joined the UA in the fall of her freshman year as a New Student Representative in the hopes of listening to and addressing the needs of students on campus. Natasha will be serving as Social Justice committee director this coming session hopes to support her committee members in their endeavors on the UA. Apart from the UA, she is a member of the Civic Scholars program, the Penn Masti dance team, the Penn Undergraduate Law Journal, and the PAACH Board of Advisors. Feel free to reach out to her at treasurer@pennua.org.



Mercedes owens


Mercedes Owens is a sophomore in the College studying Economics with a minor in Consumer Psychology. Originally from Lexington, Tennessee, Mercedes has always dreamed of being capable of making a change in the lives of those around her. As a New Student Representative, she helped broaden the opportunities available for first-generation low-income students at Penn. As Secretary, she hopes to provide the help and support needed not only by UA members, but also the student body. Mercedes is also a part of SPEC, and the Power of Penn Campaign Committee.  If you have any questions, ideas, or just want to talk, don’t hesitate to contact her at secretary@pennua.org.