New Student Representatives

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Sahitya Mandalapu

Sahitya Mandalapu is a freshman in Wharton planning to study Finance and Public Policy with a minor in Political Science. She is from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and is extremely excited to represent her peers on the UA. She hopes to work with the Student Life Committee to promote mental health and wellness of the student body. Sahitya is also involved in the Penn Music Mentorship Program, Wharton Women, and Penn Democrats. In her free time she enjoys running, trying new restaurants, playing piano, baking, and making friends! Feel free to reach out at


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Ben May

Ben May is a freshman in the College who plans on studying Mathematical Economics and International Relations. He was born in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia, lived on Long Island for most of his life, and currently lives in Boston. He joined to work on creating a more environmentally sustainable campus and improving student life through tangible changes. Outside of the UA, he is an Assistant-Secretary-General for ILMUNC, a part of Epsilon Eta, and a member of PennDems. Ben loves the outdoors, living to scuba dive, hike, and go on road trips. With family ties to the circus, he almost always has juggling balls on him. If you have any questions or want to grab food, do not hesitate to contact him at


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Will Castner

Will Castner is a freshman in Wharton with an undecided concentration from the small town of Sidney, Nebraska. During his term as a freshman representative, he would like to improve student life and health at the University of Pennsylvania by supporting positive mental health initiatives and improving the accessibility of Student Health Services. Outside of the Undergraduate Assembly, Will is involved in the Kite and Key Society, Wharton Investment and Trading Group, and Big Brother Big Sister. Will loves meeting new people, getting involved on campus, and in his free time likes to hang out with his friends, read, and explore the city. If you have ideas for change on Penn's campus, any questions for Will or about the Undergraduate Assembly, or simply want to say hey, email him at


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Mercedes Owens

Mercedes Owens is a Freshman in the College planning to study Mathematics with a minor in Consumer Psychology. Originally from Lexington, Tennessee, Mercedes has always dreamed of being capable of making a change in the lives of those around her. As a New Student Representative, she hopes to broaden the opportunities available for first-generation low-income students once they arrive at Penn in order ensure their future success. Mercedes is also a part of the circulation department of the Daily Pennsylvanian, and is a member of the Women in Mathematics organization. With her consumer psychology minor, paired with her math major, she hopes to form the educational foundation for a more analytical form of marketing career in the future. Mercedes enjoys meeting new people and hearing about their accomplishments and goals. If you have any questions, ideas, or just want to talk, please don’t hesitate to contact her at


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Sravya Alla

Sravya Alla is a freshman in the Wharton School, planning to concentrate in Finance and OID with a minor in CIS. She is from the Philly suburbs, and she is very excited to be involved with student government in college. In addition to the UA, Sravya is involved with the Penn Masti dance team, the International Affairs Association, and PennSem Consulting. She is passionate about making tangible change in all aspects of student life and believes that communication and transparency between administration and the student body is very important. Feel free to reach out to her at!


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Maher Abdel Samad

Maher Abdel Samad is a Freshman in SEAS studying Systems Science and Engineering. Born and Raised in Beirut- Lebanon, Maher hails from a rich culture defined by diversity. As a new student representative on the Social Justice committee, he hopes to work on projects that create tangible change, improving the lives of the students he represents. Also, he hopes to promote inclusion and cultural understanding as well as working on improving International students’ experience at Penn. He also serves as the Executive VP on Class Board 2021 and hopes to improve collaboration between the two branches of Student government. Feel free to contact him at


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Kevin Zhou

Kevin Zhou is a freshman in the College planning to study Political Science or PPE. Born in Beijing, China and moved to Irvine, California in middle school, Kevin has been part of a number of community initiatives that contributed to his interest in serving public interests. He has been part of student-run city-wide councils and public non-profit organizations to advocate for minority student interests and fundraise for student financial needs. He hopes to continue similar lines of work through the Undergraduate Assembly at Penn to ensure all voices are heard and all opportunities are equally available. Other than performing all the necessary and serious responsibilities, Kevin finds UA as a great way to meet people on campus. He would love to talk to anyone, and he also does magic tricks, so don’t mind to approach him anywhere whenever you need or want to suggest something. You can also reach him at


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Jude DartEy

My name is Jude Dartey and I am a member of the Class of 2021. I was originally born in Ghana and I moved to the United States and the age of 11. As a student who spent most of my life studying in a developing country, my primary goal on the Undergraduate Assembly (UA) is to ensure that the educational experience of the students here at Penn is a fulfilling one. Whatever projects I work on or initiatives I propose throughout the academic year, I hope it reflects my belief in inclusion to foster a community where everyone feels welcome.  I am very excited to serve as a representative on the UA and I look forward to all of the challenges that freshman year encompasses. I can be reached at if you have any questions or concerns. My job on the UA is to endlessly lend my ears to the needs of Penn students. If you care to do so, feel free to reach out and introduce yourself as well.