University Council

University Council is a deliberative and broadly representative forum that exists to consider the activities of the University in all its phases, with particular attention to the educational objectives of the University and matters that affect the common interests of faculty, staff and students.

The UA Vice President heads the undergraduate University Council delegation. The undergraduate delegation is appointed by both the UA and the NEC. The NEC appoints seats to under- and/or mis-represented groups. Before each University Council meeting, the UA Vice President convenes a meeting of the 16 undergraduate representatives.

The 2016-2017 UA represenatives to University Council are:

  • Kat McKay, President
  • Sola Park, Vice President
  • Riad Hamade, Speaker
  • Nile Nwogu, Wharton representative
  • Aren Raisinghani, SEAS representative
  • Ian Jeong, Nursing representative