UA Steering is a committee coordinated and chaired by the UA Vice President that comprises of representatives from 38 undergraduate umbrella organizations on campus. Together, these groups represent the various channels of extra-curricular involvement for all Penn students, including student government, athletics, issue-advocacy, health, and the performing arts. The charge of the UA Steering Committee, therefore, is two-pronged. On one hand, the goal is to keep student groups informed about and connected with one another, so as to foster greater student collaboration across a range of interests and extra-curricular disciplines. And, on the other hand, the aim is to provide the student government with a more accurate temperature of both what the student body is concerned with and how it wishes improve the Penn experience.

UA Steering meetings are bi-weekly throughout the Fall and Spring semesters, and are open to all undergraduate students of the university but with voting power delegated only to members of the committee proper.

The Steering Bylaws can be found here:

UA Steering Bylaws (165.3 KB)

Steering Groups

Here is a list of the groups involved in Steering for the 2016-2017 school year:

  1. Asian Pacific Student Coalition (APSC)
  2. Assembly of International Students (AIS)
  3. Class Board 2017
  4. Class Board 2018
  5. Class Board 2019
  6. Class Board 2020
  7. College Dean’s Advisory Board (DAB)
  8. Daily Pennsylvanian (DP)
  9. Engineering Dean’s Advisory Board (EDAB)
  10. Engineering Student Activity Council (ESAC)
  11. Hillel
  12. InterFraternity Council (IFC)
  13. Lambda Alliance
  14. Latino Coalition (LC)
  15. Penn Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT)
  16. Multi-Cultural Greek Council (MGC)
  17. Newman Center
  18. Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC)
  19. Panhellenic Council (Panhel)
  20. Penn Association for Gender Equality
  21. Penn Democrats (PennDems)
  22. Penn Political Coalition
  23. Penn Undergraduate Health Coalition
  24. Penn Wellness
  25. Performing Arts Council (PAC)
  26. Programs in Religion, Interfaith, and Spirituality Matters (PRISM)
  27. Quarterdeck Society
  28. Red & Blue Crew
  29. Social Planning and Events Committee (SPEC)
  30. Student Activities Council (SAC)
  31. Student Committee on Undergraduate Education (SCUE)
  32. Student Sustainability Alliance at Penn
  33. Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
  34. Tangible Change (T-Change)
  35. Transfer Student Organization (TSO)
  36. UMOJA
  37. United Minorities Council (UMC)
  38. University Honor Council (UHC)
  39. Wharton Council (WC)
  40. Wharton Dean’s Advisory Board (WAB)