Dining, Sustainability & Facilities

The Dining, Sustainability and Facilities Committee, or “DSF”, has one of the widest purviews of any UA Committee. Responsible for enhancing the Penn dining experience, advocating for students who want to make Penn more eco-friendly, and finding creative and inspiring ways to make Penn facilities more accessible to students, DSF committee members have a lot on their plates. In order to generate the most effective change for students, DSF collaborates and liaises with a host of other groups and administrative boards, including the Dining Advisory Board, the Student Sustainability Association at Penn, the UC Committee on Facilities, Penn Transit, Penn Residential Services, among others. The committee's projects this year include rerouting PennTransit's bus routes, installing water bottle refilling stations around campus, and creating a comprehensive online room-request system. Don’t hesitate to contact DSF Director Kyle O'Neil with any questions or concerns at dsf@pennua.org. We look forward to serving you.